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Image Sin Chew Daily - Have you experienced sudden heart palpitation or difficulty in breathing but recover shortly after? Or have you visited a doctor when you were unwell, only to have the doctor tell you that you were perfectly fine?

Some middle-aged people suspect that they suffer from hypertension because of apparent symptoms but their blood pressure appears normal when they visit a doctor.

Have you ever thought that you may be suffering from “masked” hypertension?

Everyone’s BP pattern is unique and it fluctuates over a 24-hour period. Some people are perfectly fine during the day but the blood pressure shoots up at night. As doctors cannot possibly be present and take your blood pressure over a 24-hour period, you cannot accurately ascertain your 24-hour BP pattern.

HealthSTATS’ 24-hour BP monitoring medical watch device BPro has entered the Malaysian market. Worn like a watch, BPro takes BP readings at every 15-min interval, which translates to a total of 96 readings a day. Most importantly, the device monitors BP non-invasively, without you knowing it.

Dr Ting Choon Meng said BPro can unmask the mystery behind hypertension, addresses the missing links and allows us to be three steps ahead of heart-related diseases. In the first three hours of your waking hours, the chances of a stroke is higher by 60%. By understanding your 24-hour BP pattern, such unfortunate cases can be prevented.

Dr Ting added that all it takes is for a patient to wear the watch for 24 hours and return to the clinic to have the doctor download the data. It takes about 10 minutes for the data to be downloaded and the patient’s 24-hour BP pattern will be revealed.

By understanding the pattern, the doctor can then used an evidence-based approach to more accurately diagnose the patient’s hypertensive condition and titrate medication. Broadly, our BP pattern can be categorized into normal or eight other variations. BPro is fully validated and meets international standards.

BPro is currently available in countries such as Singapore, China (Suzhou, Shanghai and Hong Kong), US and Malaysia. HealthSTATS also intends to penetrate the Philippines and India markets.

The current 24-hour BP monitoring methods, which are restricted to hospital settings, are disruptive to a patient’s daily activities. They may even disrupt a patient’s sleep and therefore, causing irregularity to the blood pressure measurement.

However, with BPro, a patient can continue with his daily life although doctors discourage strenuous exercises ding the monitoring period. BPro is also water-proof.

By repeating the 24-hour BP monitoring exercise three to six weeks after the doctor’s prescription, the doctor and patient can monitor the effectiveness of the medication and further refine the prescription if need be.

 Elderly patients with a normal BP pattern are encouraged to have their BP pattern profiled once a year.


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