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24-hr ABPM

Everyone needs a 24-hr ABPM pattern. From the pattern, you will know whether your BP is normal or not and the duration that you are exposed to such as high pressure or low pressure. This is the window period that helps you to know your exposure to risk.

It is important to have an ABPM if you have fluctuating blood pressure, Episodic hypertension, suspected White Coat Hypertension, recalcitrant hypertension despite treatment, Episodes of low BP while taking anti-hypertensive agents, Hypertension during pregnancy, or if you are just interested to know your BP pattern.

BHS-2000 Recommendation for 24-hr ABPM

The table below shows the standard for normal and abnormal pressure during ambulatory measurement. This is only a guide, as lower pressure may be abnormal in patients whose total risk factor profile is high and in whom there is concomitant disease.

  Normal Adnormal
Day ≤135/85 >140/90
Night ≤120/70 >125/75
24 hour ≤130/80 >135/85



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