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A-PULSE CASPro® System

A-PULSE CASPro® is a noninvasive blood pressure monitoring system which is designed to measure the Central Aortic Systolic Pressure (CASP) and additional arterial pulse waveform related indices based on arterial tonometry at the radial artery of the wrist. The system consists of four main elements:


  • A-PULSE CASPro® monitor.
  • Wrist sensor module based on the technology of the BPro® monitor device
  • Built-in software algorithm for blood pressure measurement and calculation based on the A-PULSE CASP® software
  • Integrated oscillometric blood pressure module for calibration.


The A-PULSE CASPro® device provides patients and clinicians with a new level of usability, comfort and convenience. It is accurate, affordable and simple enough to be used in a home or clinic setting.


A-PULSE CASPro® Monitor


Figure: A-PULSE CASPro® monitor display

The A-PULSE CASPro® main device is an independent, stand-alone monitor with color LCD display. It is driven by a powerful MCU (microcontroller unit), which operates as the main core in the system and performs the following functions:


  • Process and calculate real-time capture signal from the wrist sensor module
  • Display BP related parameters such as SYS, DIA, MAP, CASP
  • Display radial arterial pulse waveforms in real-time and additional arterial pulse waveform related indices such as rAI, rAP, PRT
  • Interface with peripheral modules such as the integrated NIBP calibrator module

A-PULSE CASPro® wrist sensor

Figure: Wrist Sensor Module

The device is equipped with a wrist sensor module which is to be worn on the patient’s wrist for blood pressure measurement. The sensor module is designed based on the concept of the BPro® device which looks similar to a watch-like device and can be worn easily on the radial artery for measuring blood pressure non-invasively. The sensor’s position is maintained by applying a consistent tension (applanation) on the artery.



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