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This is a patented software which is able to measure the CASP of a patient in 5 minutes. A-PULSE CASP® is FDA approved. It has been validated in more than 10,000 patient waveforms non-invasively with a correlation R= 0.996. 

A-PULSE CASP® is designed to measure the CASP in a simple clinic or Pharmacy setting. The BPro device is used, together with a computer or laptop, using a USB port. It gives real time recording of the arterial waveforms which can be replay at any later time for further study. Another strong feature of A-Pulse is the ability to compare the various waveforms on different dates of the same patient, or different patients. All the parameters including the CASP are displayed instantaneously, the waveforms superimposed for comparison. The A-PULSE CASP® is the only device that can measure the CASP in a clinic setting, easy to use and accurate. It is the evidence-based approach to the management of hypertension.


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