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BPro® EVBP® Technology

BPro® incorporated a patented technology termed as Modified Applanation Tonometry. This technology is coined as EVBP® technology. EVBP® stands for Evidence-Based Blood Pressure. Tonometry was first used for the measurement of pressure in the eyeballs. HealthSTATS BPro® ABPM device implements the measurement at the radial artery of the wrist. (see illustration below)).


The figure shows the cross section of the wrist that the BPro® is secured to the wrist by means of a wrist strap, similar to a watch in application.

The sensor plunger impinges upon the radial artery over the radius bone. The patented plunger system design is hemispherical in profile, and transfers pressure forces efficiently to the internal pressure sensor and provides a safe, comfortable patient interface.

The wrist strap system is specially designed to ensure that the sensor system mounted comfortably on the radial artery position. At the same time, together with the sensor housing, it provides constant applanation to the artery without compromising the comfort of the wearer. The strap system also takes into consideration in allowing for venous return at both the watch head and housing, and also avoiding any median nerve compression.

With the above features, a non-invasive reliable and accurate radial pulse wave is acquired,



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