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BProSOft® 24-hr ABPM Application Software

BProSOft®  24-hr ABPM Application Software

BPro®, together with the BProSOft® 24-hr ABPM Application Software is a novel ambulatory blood pressure monitoring system for recording patient’s blood pressure and pulse rate at regular interval over a period of 24 hours, including when the patient is sleeping.

BPro® is used as a radial pulse wave acquisition device.

BProSOft® 24-hr ABPM Application Software is used to acquire and document the stored blood pressure measurements from the BPro®BProSOft® 24-hr ABPM Application Software provides 24-hour profiles and statistical summary of the patient’s systolic pressure, diastolic pressure, pulse rate as well as the levels of nocturnal dip for systolic and diastolic pressures.  This information can be used by the physician as an aid to diagnosis and disease management of hypertension and related illnesses.


BProSOft® Features

  • Measures 24-hr blood pressure continuously.
  • Display  individualized blood pressure patterns.
  • Identify patient  blood pressure fluctuation patterns.
  • Identify levels of nocturnal dip for blood pressure i.e. night-time dip
  • Complete assessment of  hypertensive condition.
  • Enable individualized treatment and better management of hypertension.




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