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Milestone 2008
ImageNovember, HealthSTATS successfully conducted its first training session for the Principle Investigator located at Prauge, Czech Republic for the upcoming medical trial for a pharmachetical company.
November, A-PULSE CASP® granted 510(k) clearance by U.S. the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
November, Appointment of UMAX MEDICAL as distributor for South Korea and CARDIOGRADE LLC as distributor for U.S.A.
November, New Four BPro centre at SATA (SATA Jurong Medical Centre, SATA Uttamram Medical Centre, SATA Woodlands Medical Centre and SATA Chinatown Medical Centre).
October, Appointment of MEDITECH as distributor for Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland
October, HealthSTATS obtained CE MDD Mark for A-PULSE CASP™ Application Software
September, HealthSTATS obtained KFDA (S.Korea) product approval for BPro
September, HealthSTATS obtained PMDA (Japan) accreditation approval
September, HealthSTATS obtained class II license for BPro with Health Canada
ImageJuly, New BPro centre at Singapore Heart Foundation (Bishan)

May, HealthSTATS successfully conduct invasive clinical trial for CASP in Gleneagles hospital; Prof Bryan Williams (UK, Leicester) and Dr Peter Yan (Singapore, Gleneagles Hospital) are principal investigators.


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