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HealthSTATS International is a privately held Singapore-based technology company with principal activities in research & development, sales & marketing of innovative bio-monitoring devices for hypertension and related illnesses.

Image Our aim is to be one of the global leaders in the medical technology in enhancing lives by providing the medical community with evidence-based approach to Predicting & Diagnosing, Customised Treatment, Monitoring and Informing of patients of their clinical outcomes with evidence-based medicine for hypertension and related illnesses. The effective management of hypertension will lead to better standard of patient care.

This end-to-end approach has won the company two prestigious awards in 2007: World Economic Technology Forum Technology Pioneer Award for Healthcare and Frost & Sullivan Asia Pacific Monitoring Technology of the Year.  

ImageHealthSTATS ground breaking technology branded as "EVBP™ – evidence-based blood pressure" is expected to significantly revolutionize the way blood pressure is being monitored, treated and managed worldwide. EVBP™ will be the platform on which HealthSTATS medical devices will be developed and manufactured.

HealthSTATS patented 24-hr ABPM and Pulse Wave technologies are both novel. These revolutionary technologies are expected to change the ways hypertension is being measured and diagnosed. HealthSTATS BPro™ portable continuous blood pressure monitoring device with its innovative technology of monitoring blood pressure has the potential to reduce the risk of a sudden heart attack or stroke.  



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