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Pulse Traxer
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Displayed parameters

-Systolic pressure in mmHg
-Diastolic pressure in mmHg
-Pulse rate in beats/minutes
-Mean arterial pressure in mmHg

Displayed waveforms

Continuous blood pressure waveform

Measurement method

Arterial applanation tonometry at radial artery

Measurement site


Calibration method


Measurement range

    - Blood pressure

30 to 280 mmHg

    - Pulse rate

30 to 240 beats/minute


Wrist sensor

6-pin connector connecting to the wrist sensor

Front panel

Light Indicator Power ON/OFF LED indicator (green)
Arterial pulse indicator (orange)

Rear panel

Power connection One-3 pin power socket
ON/OFF power switch One snap-in rocker switch
Parallel port DB-25 female socket

Application Software

Pulse Waveform Display real-time arterial pulse waveform

Waveform Analysis report

Parameters derived (SYS, DIA, MAP, PR, MSP, MDP, RNA, SUG and SPT)
Subject’s name and age
Date, time and venue of experiment

Operating conditions

Operating temperature

5C to 50C

Operating humidity

15% to 95% RH (non-condensing)


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