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Pulse Traxer
pulse traxer™ System

pulse traxer™ is a research tool specifically designed to allow in-depth analysis of arterial pulse waveforms. The system  uses patented HealthSTATS EVBP® technology with applanation tonometry method to collect real time arterial waveforms, and derive waveform related indices. The system uses higher resolution sampling rate to  detect micro changes in the captured waveforms.
Using oscillometric cuff as the first calibration, pulse traxer™ is able to monitor real time blood pressure and pulse wave and it related pressure indices. The system allows in-depth comparisons of various pulse waves, including derivation of  pressure independent indices for further statistical analysis. Such indices may have predictive value in hypertension related diseases, or other medical conditions


pulse traxer™
pulse traxer™
consists of:  hardware acquisition device with  the acquisition processor,  acquisition sensor, and the Pulse Traxer™ application software which enables real time collection display, and archiving of arterial pulse wave. 

Acquisition  Sensor
The signal acquisition unit of the system, where the sensor picks up the pulse waves by arterial applanation tonometry, and displayed real time by using the pulse traxer™ software. The specially designed patented strap maintains the sensor in position as well as exerts a consistent tension for applanation of the artery.

pulse traxer™ Application Software
A software specially designed to handle and capture high sampling rate pulse waves,  real time display on the computer monitor, and simultaneously  derives clinical related waveform indices. The software other applications include capturing, display, storage and playback of the collected waveforms for further analysis.


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