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ABPM refers to monitoring of your blood pressure [BP] over a period of 24 hours as you go about your normal daily activities.  Your BP fluctuations over this period form the ABPM patterns.  This allows your doctor to decide if the pattern is normal or if you needed to be treated.  To date, nine main patterns have been identified.  Every pattern carries different risks of heart attack or stroke.  With the knowledge of your pattern, effective treatment can be targeted to achieve normal pattern, thus reducing the risk.  

Generally, the first ABPM session is to establish your status.  A repeat ABPM session after treatment is important to show the effectiveness of treatment. 

Do you know your 24-hr BP pattern?  We have four BPro®  Centres in Singapore where you can have your 24-hr ABPM measured and learn more about hypertension and other related illnesses.





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