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BPro G2 Trial to relay patient data wirelessly
2011/06/13, Monday

ImageBusiness Times - An eight-week clinical trial of a mobile health monitoring device that can relay 24-hour blood pressure and heart beat patterns of patients to their healthcare provider was annouced yesterday.


FDA nods open door for medical device maker
2010/07/14, Wednesday

ImageBusiness Times - Homegrown medica device company HealthSTATS International is expanding its presence in the arteries of the bio-monitoring body with its Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approvals for two of its products, CASPal and CASPro.


HealthSTATS touts intellectual property assets
2010/04/26, Monday

ImageThe Straits Times - Intellectual property protection figures large at HealthSTATS International, a company described by its chairman and chief executive Ting Choon Meng as home-grown with a global presence.


2009/03/05, Thursday
Image 海峡时报 – 慕尼黑:在正在举行的欧洲心血管年会上,制药巨头们向一位新加坡医疗仪表方面的发明家医生示好。
2006/05/11, Thursday

Image商业时报— (新加坡)一家新加坡国内公司的血压监测腕表已获得美国食品药品管理局的批准,在美国巨大的市场上的销售额将超过数千万美元。



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